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Do you prioritize performance? Then you’ll surely benefit from ActionPlanner.

Follow-up on strategies, milestones and actions become simpler and efficient because ActionPlanner creates a direct link between company objectives and day-to-day execution.

ActionPlanner makes execution transparent and interactive

  • Targets are broken down into initiatives, milestones and actions for each employee.
  • Employees continuously update their status on assignments, both KPIs and subjective assessments.
  • Simple colour coding flags the appropriate level of management if the execution is lagging.
  • Middle management receives feedback in real-time, enabling them to allocate resources where needed.
  • Senior management always knows whether the organisation is on track and meeting targets.

Benefits of using ActionPlanner

  • Middle management saves time with simple, automatic reporting, both from employees and on to senior management.
  • Employees gain better insight into their own performance and can easily establish the need for resources.
  • Real-time overviews strengthen cooperation and the ability to react to change.

 ActionPlanner in brief:

  • The world’s first cloud-based tool for executive management.
  • Intuitive to use by employees, middle and senior management.
  • References include Nordea, SKY-LIGHT, Bühler and Danske Bank.
  • ActionPlanner was created based on years of experience with execution in large organisations.