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The best work-life balance in the world

Paid annual leave, leisure time and a 37-hour working week are the main components in the world’s best work-life balance.

The OECD has declared that the region of Greater Copenhagen has the world’s healthiest work-life balance. And in the latest annual Global Workforce Happiness Index, the people of Greater Copenhagen were in the top five. So what makes a great work-life balance?

The official working week is fixed at 37-40 hours. Often, overtime is compensated either financially or as time off in lieu. Employees with children are entitled to take time off work to care for an ill child. And finally, in Greater Copenhagen employees are entitled to at least five weeks paid leave every year.

And the amazing thing is that productivity is still high. In fact, Greater Copenhagen is among the 10 most productive regions in the world (GDP) according to the World Economic Forum.

Balance your career and personal life

The working culture in Greater Copenhagen is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and work-life balance. In Greater Copenhagen, you can have an interesting job, pursue your career ambitions and be an attentive parent – without compromising your salary.

You will have time to spare as well as money to spend. Not having to worry about spending too little time with your family is one of the main reasons why most expats say that living in Greater Copenhagen is so great. No wonder the locals consider themselves the happiest people in the world!

If you have a hobby, we have a club for it. Friends make life easier and more fun. A great way to meet new people in Greater Copenhagen is by joining one or some of the many leisure clubs and associations such as sports clubs and social clubs, which are hugely popular in Greater Copenhagen – if you want to do something, there’s usually a club for it.