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Working Culture

Your new way of working starts right here in the Greater Copenhagen Region

Because of flat organisational structures and personal freedom, Greater Copenhagen Region consistently ranks as a great place to work. In fact, the workforce in the region is continuously ranked as one of the happiest in the world.

The work culture focuses on teamwork rather than individual competition, and the organisational structures are flat and non-hierarchical. Furthermore, employees are given a great deal of personal freedom and responsibility, which engenders trust and a sense of value.

In Greater Copenhagen Region, the positive and informal workplace has priority. Management is open-minded and interested in the opinions of its employees. So, don’t be surprised if you only see open doors in the office or find yourself sitting next to the CEO in the canteen.

Everyone’s opinion counts

The work culture in Greater Copenhagen is free from hierarchies, and managers are team leaders rather than petty officials, barking orders. As a result, employees are encouraged to speak their mind freely, and all opinions are highly appreciated when brainstorming or making decisions.

You will be valued both as a professional and as a person. This also means that your employer understands the demands of family life, and getting time off for personal issues such as seeing the doctor is common practice at workplaces in Greater Copenhagen.

Working in Greater Copenhagen means teamwork, collaboration, knowledge sharing and fellow coaching. Employees are responsible for their own tasks but also for the overall success of the project. This means that you will get highly dedicated, ambitious and helpful colleagues in Greater Copenhagen.

Of course, it is not all work at work. In almost all workplaces, employees have lunch together and talk about everything but work.

Work and fun go hand in hand

Workplaces in Greater Copenhagen usually organise social activities all year round so that employees get to spend time together in fun and relaxed settings.

An evergreen is Friday bars, which is a great opportunity to round off the week with a drink with your colleagues, or sports events where you can play soccer, hockey or other team sports with your colleagues after work. The annual Christmas party in December is also very popular among your new colleagues in Greater Copenhagen.

Joining social events at work is a great way to get to know people outside your team and department and to make new friends.

If you want to make new friends, and you have a hobby or practice a sport, you can also join one of Greater Copenhagen’s many clubs and associations. You can be sure to find one or more clubs for almost every leisure activity as association activities are part of the DNA of Greater Copenhagen.