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About Us

Allihop is on a mission to make corporate travel green. With a radical, new technical approach,
our goal is to help organisations achieve CO2 emissions targets by pushing green mobility: trains
and urban travel modes across Europe.

Our Product

The leading B2B MaaS solution. Our product is a green business travel platform that covers all
corporate needs in terms of booking green travel modes and reporting on expenses and CO2.

The future of business travel

Our platform aims to enable businesses to easily access green travel in all European countries and
cities, and to reduce carbon emissions from their trips. Allihop’s platform is an easy tool to book
international sustainable travels, and to access green mobility providers in Europe.

First of a kind sustainable business travel platform

We promote rail and green urban mobility services, to make international train travel a reality and
to help businesses avoid CO2 burdened flights.

Contact us today if you want to reduce your company’s travel carbon emissions by 50%.