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Don't miss this chance and join Aventure AB to develop attractive and functional food concepts with proven favorable health properties!

Aventure AB

Aventure AB excels in the development of attractive and functional food concepts with proven favorable health properties.

The company´s multi-disciplinary approach, built on its in-house expert team and an extensive global network of researchers, yields innovative solutions to complex market demands.

The guiding star for all development work is that healthy food concepts will contribute to health only if consumers accept them as natural parts in their daily lives.

Or to put it simply: Taste is king!

Aventure creates new food concepts from natural food components. The focus is set on projects high potential to acquire patents and IP´s, and Aventure has to date built up an impressive portfolio of intellectual property.

The inherent health properties of natural foods and food components are the point of departure for all projects. New processing technologies are developed based on nature´s methods for bio-transfer of organic matter.

Thus, avoiding the use of synthetic ingredients and additives. All concepts are subject to intervention studies on humans before entering the market.

Aventure subsidiaries

  • Glucanova AB with unique liquid high-fiber oat products for the global B2B, and B2C markets.
  • DoubleGood AB has developed a revolutionary table water “Good Idea” that attenuates the blood glucose rise from an ordinary meal.
  • Swebol Biotech AB with Quiny – a healthy milk-alternative from Bolivian Quinoa and other food concepts from South American crops.
  • Hildur Functional Foods with healthy oat-based food concepts for the Indian market.
  • Lument with the first per-oral food based contrast agent in the world, yielding CT-scans with MRI-quality.
  • Berry Lab AB focusing on science-driven development of Nordic berry products with beneficial effects on memory and health.

The founder of Aventure AB, Professor Rickard Öste, is the inventor of the oat drink Oatly, and a co-founder of Oatly AB, the most rapidly expanding non-dairy company in the world.

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