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Within the Microbiome field Bioneer is offering a unique cross‐disciplinary portfolio of services covering both microbiological, immunological and pharmacological formulation skills.

Bioneer A/S is a Danish technology service provider offering a broad spectrum of innovation solutions for the Life Science, Ingredients and Medico industry in the early and preclinical development of new products.

The background

Historically, Bioneer has been involved in the Microbiome research field for almost 20 years beginning with the participation in a large-scale EU-funded project aiming at isolating, growing and identifying new human gut microbes. Here we established a strain collection of human commensal gut bacteria, of which many had not been cultivated in vitro before. Following this, almost 10 years ago Bioneer started developing human in vitro immune cell models to study immunomodulatory effects of e.g. novel potential probiotic strains to complement the characterization of other probiotic characteristics like adhesion and anti-microbial effects. Today, Bioneer offers a number of different human immune cell models including peripheral blood monocytes, dendritic cells, regulatory T-cells and macrophages to uncover various immunological response patterns e.g. associated with the exposure to both single bacterial strains and complex microbiotas. With the incorporation of Bioneer:FARMA in 2007, a whole new range of services relevant for the Microbiome field were established, including classical pharmacological expertise in formulation of drugs and probiotics.

The presence

In the past two years, Bioneer has continued the development and refinement of services relevant for the Microbiome field. Some of the new developments include establishing an in vitro human fecal growth model to study compositional changes of the microbiota inflicted by new compounds, introducing a microbiota component to existing immune cell models to mimic the inherent baseline response of a given individual, and measuring microbiota associated metabolism of drugs. As a special service Bioneer is offering rRNA-targeted fluirescent in situ hybridization to document bacterial activity and to visualize and localize both unculturable and culturable bacteria in a tissue context (e.g. in skin and gut) to validate for instance findings from microbiome NGS-analyses.

More Bioneer

Bioneer has more than 50 employees with the majority having an academic degree within a variety of life science disciplines. Traditionally, Bioneer has always supported and supervised both national and international students as well as postdocs.

Bioneer is continuously seeking research collaborations also within the Microbiome field and we encourage everyone to contact us to discuss potential opportunities for engaging with Bioneer in the Microbiome field.