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Laser and led based sensor solutions for real time monitoring of agricultural pests and beneficial insects including pollinators


Vision: We monitor insects to ensure sustainable crop utilization and to improve tools for pest control and biodiversity for the benefit of mankind.

FaunaPhotonics develops insect monitoring tools to optimize insecticide treatments with focus on the agricultural sector, but also including activities within the Environmental, Public Health and Aquaculture segment. The company has established international collaborations to aid technology development and lab & field trials. Technology platform combines light associated information on insects (movement pattern, color, shininess) collected with a patent protected sensor technique and machine learning algorithms to differentiate among insect groups (above 85% accuracy).


Several sensor models have been developed and the first sensor product, “SCOUT” aimed at mass production is slated for completion in 2019 with an initial launch in oil seed rape farming in 2020; unit may be field stationed or attached to machinery. SCOUT provides automated insect data collection with real time data uploads to cloud database. Easy access to information on insects in fields through app and web user interface including existing digital platforms. SCOUT will ensure accurate identification of risk periods for timely insecticide treatments and improved ability to protect beneficials and pollinators. 

Working at FaunaPhotonics

Do you want to be part of solving the challenge of feeding 10 billion people through sustainable agricultural practices?

If you have a burning passion for bringing disruptive solutions to the marketplace and changing farming practices towards sustainable solutions we would love to hear from you.

Who are we

We are a passionate and interdisciplinary group of engineers, data analysts and agriculture students working to develop better ways to monitor insects. 


Health Care

Healthy employees are less likely to take sick days. We offer private health insurance, for all full-time employees.

Research & Development Group

We are passionate about learning and solving complex problems. We meet twice a week to discuss data analysis, insects and agriculture.

Flexible Working Hours

Our working hours are flexible. We encourage you to work in the most efficient way that matches your working style.


We work with customers all over the world and our employees frequently visit partners in the UK, the Netherlands and other countries.


We are a small ambitious team with diverse skill sets. As a unique member of our team, you will get a lot of responsibility from the beginning.


Frequent outings and social gatherings help keep our team tightly knit.




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