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Metaceutic is a healthtech company, founded in 2019 as a response to traditional pharmaceutical thinking, focusing on development of guthealth promoting personalised products and digital solutions.


Most people think of the gut as a garbage chute. But what if we told you that your gut may be as clever as your brain? And what if your gut is the key to your health and well-being?

We are a gut-health company, founded in 2019 as a response to traditional pharmaceutical thinking. Build on the science around the gut-brain connection, we believe that the gut is the key to our health. And if you take care of your gut, it will take care of you.

We set out to change the healthcare agenda and believe that the healthcare of tomorrow must be focused on prevention of lifestyle disease rather than their treatment. We believe that healthcare has to be personalised on your specific needs based on true individual diagnosis and not one-fits-all solutions that treat you like a black box. We believe that healthcare must be built on sustainable legs, while applying state-of- the-art technology and a digital footprint, that allows you to take charge of your own health every single day.

At Metaceutic, we want to flip the script and look at health from a whole new perspective. This story is about a company who wants to champion a new health agenda - by focusing on the science of the gut, and the power it holds to prevent global lifestyle diseases in modern society. We are obsessed with building services and solutions that will help people rethink the gut and use it for their future health