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We're Monta, and we're building the future of EV charging.


Founded in 2020, we were born of frustration with the EV market. How is it possible to drive around in an electric car packed with cutting-edge technology, while the charging experience is limited to practically a start and stop function?

That was the beginning of Monta: We’re a new layer of technology that brings together installers, operators, service providers, EV drivers and businesses with charge points.

At our core, we make EV charging simple, accessible and reliable. And we are laying the ground for a scalable and sustainable EV infrastructure.

We’re tech at heart. Everything is fully automated and our work is based on open-source technologies that drive innovation and help our planet.

Monta: we're diverse, openminded and honest

Our offices are filled with incredibly talented people - that's no surprise. We were built with our core values in mind, diversity, and inclusion being a pillar for our team. We are internationally minded, with people from all over the world allowing us to have a global scope in our product and how we go about it.

If you feel the same way we do about the team we put together, we would love to hear from you. You can find more information about us at