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NewSeed is a partner you can trust for all your IT development projects. We have extensive experience within IT and web/application development and can offer advice in areas spanning everything from marketing, to administration and business development.

NewSeed works mainly as a consultant for larger companies and corporations, our goal is to aid company operations through innovative and clever solutions, while at the same time demonstrating how these solutions can simplify mundane tasks and help increase efficiency.

In addition to traditional consulting assignments, the company also deals with business development with partners. The goal is to help tomorrow's entrepreneurs develop and grow in the best possible way supported by IT.

Work at NewSeed

We have over 20 years of experience in web, app and system development and love problems that are seemingly impossible. NewSeed was created on the premise that 75-80 percent of the time would be spent on "traditional" consulting assignments, but with a focus on the most difficult problems. The remaining 20-25 percent of the time would be invested in risky projects and crazy ideas that educates the staff and let's their creativity run wild! The majority of these projects will probably never lead to a finished product or service - but the time invested in these projects leads to experiences with new technologies and new ways of solving problems which we believe gives our staff the edge-up on our competitors.

But sitting in the office is not enough to be on top. NewSeed goes to developer conferences around the world to really put our skills to the test, we also participate in Hackathons. At a hackathon, not only is one's ability to program challenged, but almost more importantly is the ability to prioritize, focus and deliver! NewSeed brings ideas to life. We are right for you If you enjoy working in a smaller organization with friendly colleagues and plenty of opportunities for personal growth and

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