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A new digital solution for stress problems. We help you feel better every day!

Why should we fight with stress problem?

According to WHO, stress would be the main source of diseases in 2020. Headache? Depressed? Fertility Problems? Lots of studies show that if the stress levels stay elevated for long period, it can take a toll on our health. Chronic stress is also a factor in behaviours such as overeating or not eating enough, alcohol or even drug abuse. 

Unfortunately, most people noticed symptoms of diseases but never thought of stress as a reason. And only after getting high blood pressure or depressed, people begin to think about taking actions against stress problems.

Sumondo wants to help detect early on and help users get rid of stress and make them focused, productive, and peaceful in a simple, and personalized way.

When should people measure their stress?

Users should measure their stress whenever they want. 

Sumondo wants to let users know digitally of their stress level at any time, warn them before they reach a chronic level, and nudge users for taking a deep breath and to give notification for mindfulness exercises. Based on heart rate variability (HRV), the wristband sensor tests users’ stress level and shows the visualized number and graph in the app.

Tips to keep measuring 

- Set a goal. When people want to control weight, they usually set a goal. Same as stress management. You can set a goal, e.g. keep the stress level in the yellow area. Can you try to keep it in the green area?

- Set a fixed time to measure (just 2 minutes every day is enough, and you can as well measure stress while sleeping)

What treatments does Sumondo provide? 

The app provides breathing exercise, relaxing music, and meditation. 

These are three important things in our life. We do breathing 24/7, but do we do it effectively? Music makes us relax, calm down refreshed and meditation helps us focus and think clearly with its side effects like creativity and productivity etc. The three treatments complement each other to relieve stress easily in any situation. So, users can choose whatever they can do depending on their situation.

Are these treatments really useful? 

Sumondo has developed and tested the product in cooperation with Denmark’s Technical University (DTU), CoLab/Odense University Hospital, Denmark and stress clinics like Kalmia in Copenhagen, Denmark. We have worked together with senior stress researcher Bo Netterstøm, who is a highly respected stress researcher. 

For the testing etc., we have previously obtained grants from national Danish innovation project funding agencies. We also have obtained a grant from EU in the Permides program together with the German clinical research company SynapCon in order to support the clinical validation of Sumondo’s medical device solution (HRV sensor & app combination).

How to describe Sumondo? 

- Digital Tool 

- Predictive 

- Preventive 

- Personalized Medicine 

- Awarded App 

- Continuous Monitoring 

- Validated Results