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Unseen Bio

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Unseen Bio

Who are we

Unseen Bio is a digital health tech company bringing test- and data-based decision support to our users. We unleash the health tech potential of stool data by analyzing the gut microbiota.

The gut microbiome

Inside the gut the vast and unique ecosystem of microorganisms forms the gut microbiome. It consists of bacteria, viruses and fungi that are specialized to coexist and constantly interact with their host and each other. Together they perform a variety of tasks that greatly influence the health and well being of their host. Understanding, maintaining and optimizing the highly individual gut microbiome will be a part of the future to prevent, predict and treat various disease.

Your digital gut

Imagine that you have full control of your gut microbiome. Its composition and functions are mapped out and you know the optimal state to support your specific health care needs. By predicting how the microbiome reacts to nutrition and probiotics you understand what options you have in order to adjust and optimize it. As our speciality is metabolic modelling, we use data from fecal samples and nutrition together with years of research to build a controllable digital copy of your unique gut microbiome. We provide a digital dashboard from where you can model the effects of diet, supplements and medication. This enables you to control the part of your health influenced by your microbiome both proactively and personally.

Your digital gut! A personal tool for proactive healthcare focused on handling IBS and other microbiome related conditions.

Unseen Bio