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The VELUX Group

For almost 80 years, The VELUX Group has created better living environments for people around the world; making the most of daylight and fresh air through the roof - for life, work, and play. Join us and give your career a bright future.

Who we are

For almost 80 years, The VELUX Group has created better living environments for people around the world; making the most of daylight and fresh air through the roof. Our product programme includes roof windows and modular skylights, decorative blinds, sun screening products and roller shutters, as well as installation and smart home solutions. These products help to ensure a healthy and sustainable indoor climate for work and learning, as well as for play and pleasure. We work globally – with sales and manufacturing operations in more than 40 countries and 11,500 employees worldwide. The VELUX Group is headquartered north of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Our History

In 1941, entrepreneur and inventor Villum Kann Rasmussen came up with an idea to transform dark attics into liveable spaces full of daylight and fresh air. His first roof window was patented in 1942. He came up with a distinctive name that highlights the key benefits of his solution: ‘VE’, short for ventilation and ‘LUX’, latin for light - VELUX.

Our Values

The VELUX values serve as a fundamental guide for employee conduct, influencing decisions and actions across various circumstances. They embody the core principles that steer our Model Company Objective, purpose, and strategy. These values include commitment to shared goals, mutual respect among colleagues, customer-centric decision-making, social responsibility with a focus on ethical and sustainable actions, courage to pursue ambitious goals and innovate, and agility to adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities. Together, these values bring our strategic ambitions into our day-to-day activities, ensuring we progress in alignment with our overarching purpose.

Our Responsibility

VELUX roof windows are all about transforming spaces to enhance well-being and create healthy indoor spaces. Since the company was founded in 1941, we have worked to create products that are both functional and useful for society. With our sector responsible for 37% of global CO2 emissions and one in three Europeans living with poor indoor climate, it is more important than ever that our products make a positive difference for society. We see an urgent need to deliver sustainable, healthy, and affordable buildings and we want to be part of this change.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the VELUX Group

In the VELUX Group, we are committed to our DEI mission: to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace that enables everyone to thrive.  Each VELUX employee has a unique set of perspectives, identities, and experiences. By proactively creating inclusive environments that celebrate and leverage this diversity, we enable individuals and teams to utilize their full potential.  This increases innovation, agility, and quality of work – thus strengthening our competitive edge and capacity to grow and thrive as a sustainable business. We truly believe that creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive culture is, quite simply, the right thing to do. It’s about creating equal opportunities for everyone, and it is in line with our Model Company Objective. We need and value multiple perspectives in our workplace.

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