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Yangi is a manufacturing technology for dry formed cellulose-based packaging. We are here to reshape the world of packaging through pioneering the next generation of fiber-based, dry forming solutions.


We are pioneering the next generation of fiber-based solutions through offering an open-source machine and process solution for dry formed fibers. The company Yangi has emerged from more than 10 years of R&D within The Loop Factory. Building on extensive know-how and prior art in the area, Yangi has moved from a promising
innovation project to an established partner within dry formed fibers, with the aim to reshape the world of packaging. Yangi provides a ground-breaking new technology for recyclable cellulose rigid packaging, making it possible to go directly from cellulose pulp into ready-made packaging, in one machine line.

Introducing a new packaging system

If the industry keeps producing plastic the current rate, CO2 emissions will double to 85 million tons by 2050. The fact that only 10% of the world's plastic is being recycled
is evidence that the system is broken and as a result, our nature is flooded by plastic waste, 60% of which is plastic packaging.

This is where Yangi can make a significant difference. With its high performance, low cost and environmental impact Yangi can replace rigid plastic packaging without
compromising quality or economy. And the natural process makes it look and feel amazing.

Reshaping the world of packaging

As a pioneer in innovative dry-forming technology, we are exploring new ideas and challenging the value cycle behind our everyday products. Together with our partners, we are building an ecosystem based on collaboration and a shared vision of more sustainable packaging systems.

Are you looking for a career that makes a difference?

As a part of our team you will work together with motivated colleagues from various backgrounds including years of experience in academic research, hands on engineers and global corporations. Together we will push the boundaries of tomorrow while freely exploring your mind in order to solve complex problems and develop the Yangi technology.

Yangi is a R&D and technology platform where trial and errors are key factors of developing better packaging solutions. Therefore we encourage our colleagues to have an open mind and be driven by desire to realise ideas into sustainable everyday packaging.

Join the Yangi experience!